#Tritons4Tara: This A.S Candidate Wore Blackface, and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

When I heard that former AS presidential candidate Tara Vahdani had posted a snapchat of herself in blackface two years ago, I almost literally vomited. Now a new trend at UCSD has Tara’s racist defenders using a blackface filter to show solidarity. CAN YOU SAY SYSTEMIC RACISM???


          We here at The Motherfucking Koala stand with our colored peers. Blacks have contributed so much to UCSD such as the Compton Cookout, fried chicken in the dining halls, and the amazing MLK luncheon at Canyon Vista. 

          The people involved should be tarred (Tara-ed?) and feathered for their problematic actions. Black supression is a serious issue at this campus: the last UCSD census revealed that we have only 2 coloreds. How is UCSD supposed to be D1 when all the blacks are scared away by little girls wearing charcoal face masks??

We would like to thank current president Daniel Juarez for having the balls to tell her Chief of Staff Dellanira Alcauter to post the picture. Because Juarez saved this picture from two years ago, the students of UCSD are now aware of the existence of racism.