Top 5 Lists

5 reasons why you should fuck your TA 1. They’re easier than the freshman 2. You already have 3. they’re better in bed than your mom 4. Free extra credit 5. They cant tell everyone how bad you are in bed

Top 5 ways to catch chlamydia 1. Take bus 41 2. Go to an A.S. meeting 3. Talk to the Bernie supports on library walk 4. Having a class in Peterson 5. Fucking Kohsla in the ass

Top 5 reasons to fuck an Asian 1. They wont see it cuming 2. You cant understand the word no in their language 3. They already have daddy issues 4. They’ll pay your rent 5. They’ll do your math homework

Top 5 reasons to join the catholic church 1. Free unprotected gay sex 2. Free wine mixed with cough syrup 3. You wont have to come out to your family 4. kinky confession 5. kneeling not only to pray but to take it up the ass