About Us

Join The UCSD Koala

The Koala meets every Friday at 4:20 PM in the back of Home Plate and will continue to do so until we can weasel ourselves into another office space. If you can’t tell which group we are just choose whoever seems the drunkest.

We’re looking for anyone without a 10 foot pole stuck up their ass. Bonus if you’re actually funny or artistic but come drink beer with us anyway.

About Us

The Koala is actually a newspaper.  We have been around since 1982 when Scripps Institution of Oceanography opened.  We were there to cover many important events in history.  When Orville Wright was flying airplanes, we were drinking. When World War 2 broke out, we were drinking.  When the Euro became a legitimate currency, we found out about it three years later.

The Koala has two long traditions.  The first is maintaining a staff with a variety of personality disorders.  This is paramount.  A lesser known tradition is our editors achieving a third place standing in A.S. elections.  This can be either viewed one or two ways.  Whoa, or Wow!

We try to provide a safe and clean atmosphere for normal UCSD students to get drunk (on life) and write funny stuff.  We also are not as dumb as we look, so don’t fuck with us.  Many famous people have written for The Koala over the years. You might recognize some of these names:  Steve Lutz, Tulley Rafferty, Evan Hoovler, Drew Carey, Condoleeza Rice, Bryan Barton, and Brad Kohlenberg. You now have a cookie embedded into your computer that will not go away until 2037.  Until then we’ll be watching you.

The Koala is a student-run humor publication at the University of California, San Diego. We usually publish one issue per quarter, except in the summer. Our issues can be found around campus or digitally in the Archives section.

If you’ve actually read this far, then you must not be intoxicated enough to participate in The Koala. However, if this is simply a lapse in your poor, poor, judgment, and your interest in The Koala has been aroused, why not think of joining us? Info on attending a Koala meeting can be found in the Join The Koala section.

We have been covered in a variety of high profile media outlets over the years including CNN, NBC, The Huffington Post and Fox news. For Media and Press inquiries, contact us.