Join The Koala

Join the UCSD Koala today!

The Koala meets every Friday at 4:20 PM in the back of Home Plate and will continue to do so until we can weasel ourselves into another office space.
We invite loyal fans to cover our old office(s) in beer and excrement as a symbolic measure.
At meetings, we drink beer and discuss matters pertaining to the paper, UCSD, and how much better we are than you. All are welcome.
Look for the guy in the poncho.

Currently The Koala is looking for:
1) Writers – Go read our back issues to get an idea of the type of content we publish
2) Artists/Graphic Designerscomic artistry and design work are always appreciated here
3) Social Media Experts/Webmasters experienced with Facebook, Twitter, PHP, WordPress, SQL, HTML, CSS, XML and *nix
Think you fit the bill ? Contact Us today.